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It is finally here, after a lot of hard work. I can now announce the latest updated to this blog software - AlphaCMS. and to this website ( ) itself 

The long list of updates can be summarised as such

  • Application based widgets. The widgets now change depending on which application you are viewing (i.e either the blog or the pages in the case of this website).
  • User defined URLs, e.g this blog is now using /YYYY/MM/title structure.
  • Re-worked bbcode parser.
  • Encoded primary keys. No longer are the number of files, blogposts or comments exposed to the public.
  • Various SEO optimisations including sitemaps.xml generation, tags and meta content.
  • Rss feed generation.
  • Updated UI - mobile friendly
  • Introduction of some elements of page and content cacheing
  • Captcha now is only implemented on 3 failed login attempts.
  • Various other bits of bug fixes and tests.

Does not sound like much has changed, but getting these core components correct is crutial for furtherupdates of this software. Some progress has been made on the new forums too, as well as user profiles.

The RSS feed for this blog can be found

Once the forums are done, the plan is to update the Sector Alpha website with this software.

There are still some minor things that need to be worked on, for example there is a css style clash with the home page slider with the websites main CSS, likewise I do intend on styling the website to look more personal, rather than for it to take on the current default AlphaCMS skin.

Known Bugs

  • A true migration over to BBcode is required, at the moment I am mainly displaying BBcode in a html-like way.
  • Autodescriptions need to be stripped of BBcode tags stripped.
  • CSS clash with the slider.
  • No way for a user to recover their account yet by themselves (email me instead for now).
  • Some bots have an interesting time with my "bot detection" code.
  • Some allignment issues in the top bar

Other features/ideas  

  • I have hidden the widgets along the bottom for now (e.g the twitter feed). But in reality come to think of it, there is some empty space on the side.
  • Maybe e.g the twitter feed could be loaded towards the bottom of the site-based widgets on the right hand side. But then you could argue that I already have a twitter link in the top nav bar anyway.
  • Maybe do away with widgets all together on the mobile? Although it is possible to create pages that are not included in the menu itself. Maybe there should be a place to navigate through them nicely?
  • Slow down the scroller?
  • Update the text at the top of the page?
  • Improve the design of the tags?
  • All will be improved in due time.


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