Bash On Ubuntu For Windows Is Out Now
Cosmosquark - 7 Apr 2016, 1:44 a.m.
Category: Technology



Bash on Ubuntu for Windows is out now in the Windows 10 Preview Build 14316


This almost makes me want to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Officially mainstream support for Windows 7 ended on the 13th of January 2015, and extended support (that is the security updates) ends on the 14th of January 2020


Interestingly, on the support site for windows 10, there is a "mainstream support end date" for Windows 10.α=Windows%2010&Filter;=FilterNO Considering this is the "last version of windows" I wonder what it means by this? Are there plans for Windows 11 in 2020? or is there going to be a radical overhaul of Windows 10 (i.e Windows 10.1?). I still imagine they are going to stick to their "widnwos as a service model", i.e all updates will be rolling releases like Mac/Ubuntu do.


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